Boeuf Bourguignon Pot Pie



Now for a savory pie. This is a bit of a twist to a classic french dish that I love.


Meat pies are more of a commonwealth thing. Americans aren’t all that accustomed to meat pies. I lived in Australia for a year and when you ask them if they want pie the usually think of some type of meat pie. I’m quite a fan of a decently made pie, especially Steak and Mushroom Pies.


As I am also slightly obsessed with French food, why not turn a classic French stew into an awesome pie. I’m going to be quite honest, this one does take some time but it is completely worth it…as most French cooking is. Whoever you share this with will forever love you, ok well maybe forever isn’t a guarantee but they will sure as hell love you for the rest of the night (insert winking emoji).

With the weather beginning to change, I think it may be time to remake this pie.

For the recipe, click here.

I have attached the link to this recipe as I got it off of Bon Appetit. I did change the crust though. I used an All-Butter Crust instead of using the Puff Pastry the recipe calls for. The Puff Pastry will be more flaky and crispy. I had some left over dough so I decided to use that instead. I’m quite partial to my All-Butter Crust if I do say so myself.
I also transferred the stew into a pie dish just so that I was able to maneuver it bit better than in my dutch oven.



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