More than Pie….

May 3rd 2015- I made my first pie from scratch.


That’s where the obsession began. But for me, its more that just baking. It has been a sort of therapy through one my of the most difficult years.

It all started with plums.

My mom had visited her one of her brothers in California. She came back with a box full of produce. She brought quite a few plums with her. Being that I am the only one in the house that actually likes plums, I had to figure out a way to use them before they went off.

The thing is, at this point, I did not consider myself a baker. I love cooking but baking terrified me. I’ve burned so many batches of cookies, its truly quite tragic. Yet when I came across a recipe for Plum & Raspberry Pie, I thought, hey what the hell….here goes nothing.

For the first time in my life, I made a pie from scratch. It wasn’t the prettiest pie in the world but I could not have been more proud of it. I, who did not consider myself a baker, made a mother f’n pie from scratch…AND… it was delicious.


It was at that point where I realized that I actually enjoyed the entire process of making pies. I was able to use my hands and create something that I not only enjoyed but could also be enjoyed by those around me. It quickly became my creative outlet. It became my happy place, if you will.

You see, a few months before this, I up and left my life in Nashville to move back with my family in Las Vegas as my dad was battling cancer. Soon after I moved back my dad passed away. Then my mom started dealing with a handful of different ailments. I also have had a very stressful job which hasn’t helped the cause. To sum it up, this past year has been a shit show on every level, to say the least.

Yet, baking has been one thing that has brought me joy in the midst of the chaos. When I bake, I’m at peace. Listening to some Etta James, Frank Sinatra or some Adele. I am fully present in the moment, because I mean you have to be to measure everything out correctly. It’s in those moments, when Im creating something from scratch, that everything in the world fades away and I get to do something I enjoy. As odd as it may sound, baking had become like therapy for me, haha. Some people do music therapy or art therapy, I have “baking therapy”.

Through some of the shitiest times, I have discovered a new passion of mine. I have been able to find a new way to express myself. The thing about baking is, its something in which you can share love & joy with others, unless you plan on eating an entire pie by yourself. Im not one to judge if you do. It’s great to see others enjoying what you’ve put effort into making.


In this past year, I have made over 30 different pies, a handful of cakes, loafs of bread, scones, cookies, croissants and most recently, macarons, all from scratch. To my surprise, most have been pretty tasty. There have been a few mishaps here and there, but for being a home baker, I’m somewhat impressed with myself. I am on my way in conquering something that use to intimidate the hell out of me. And, strangely enough, I totally love it.

I have baked more this past year than I have in my 27 years.

So the question I keep asking myself is, what’s next? What’s to come out of all this? Now that I am a baking fool, what good will come out of it? Welp…I haven’t the slightest clue. Maybe I’ll open a pie stand at the farmers market, maybe I’ll go to Culinary school, maybe I’l just keep baking simply for the hell of it. All I know is that I have enjoyed this adventure thus far. It’s been a tasty journey and I am glad I have gone through this process.



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